Závěrečné maturitní práce

Final Student Projects


Markéta Bartošová Dental hygiene and prevention
Nikola Bartošová Awareness of our pupils
Jiří Beran  Simplified pupil reading in a foreign language
Petr Beran The electronic building plans of our school
Marie Ficbauerová Design of the school exterior
Helena Filipová History of Brewing Law in Frydlant
Michaela Filová Benefits of cosmonautics in the lifes of ordinary people
Jaroslav Garčic Water areas in region of Frýdlantsko
Martina Lacinová Eating habits of students at our school
Barbora Lišková Freeganism, DIY and other styles to satisfaction life needs
Šárka Mlejnková Volunteer activity in a rescue station Archa in Liberec
Tereza Pánková Foster Care
Khanh Linh Phamová Fashion trends and their reflection on students of our school
Tereza Poděbradská Collection of solved problems in physics
Václav Pokorný Mapping presence Cnidarian in Frydlant region
Jan Stanka Measuring concentration of carbon dioxide in classrooms of our school
Michal Stýbal History of physical education in Frýdlant
Klára Šedivá The use of school library at Grammar School Frýdlant in schooling
Eliška Šedová The History and Development of Clam-Gallas castle courtyard of Černousy
Petr Václavíček Offences, Misdemeanours and Criminal Offences Resulting from Using Social Media and Possible Prevention
Jana Zahradníková Cultural development of Frýdlant and surrounding areas during the times of Christian Christoph Clam-Gallas
Adéla Zajíčková Measuring photosynthesis via the production of oxygen


Jan Bláha Database of contact details of absolvents and teachers at grammar school
Marie Ficbauerová Letterings on the architecture of Frýdlant region coming from the times before World War II
Jaroslav Garčic  Almanac of Grammar school Frýdlant 2007-2017
Sára Hmirová Comparison of performances capabilities of the members of athletic club in Hejnice
Dominika Hošová Richter’s family in Raspenava
Jakub Chemišinec Financial literacy at higher grammar school in Frýdlant
Šárka Jakoubková Literary literacy
Aneta Juřenová Mineral deposits in Liberec region
Gabriela Kosjuková Individual way of learning or we learn a lifetime
Tereza Kvapilová The Injury Prevention Program in Physical Education of Pupils at Grammar School Frýdlant
Markéta Langová Marketing strategies in selected companies in Frýdlant region
Eliška Macháčková Antique motives in contemporary Anglo-Saxon fantasy
Vendula Mancová Small hydroelectric plants at Frýdlantsko
Denisa Sokolová Educational material: Units and Mesaurment
Michal Stýbal Sports racing events in Frýdlant region
Michaela Suková Methods of creative writing at Grammar School Frýdlant
Laura Ševčíková Transsexuality and other gender identity disorders
Alena Šolcová The Wooden Outbuildings of Pre-war Housing Development in Frydlant Region
Jakub Tauš English words in newspapers and on websites during the Olympic Games in Brazil in 2016
Michaela Wolfová Mushrooms in Frýdlant region



Lukáš Beyer Web-based programme for teaching all ten fingers typing
Anna Cecoi How I found herbs in the meadow
Aleš Garčic Upper lusation houses
Tereza Haová The Golden Nineties
Jan Honys Street Art in Liberec
Pavlína Ječná An Active Citizen in Frýdlant’s Region
Kateřina Kučerová The body mass index of students of Grammar school Frydlant
Josef Likavec How young people communicate nowadays?
Martin Maryško Educational material: Breastmilk
Michaela Pavlíková The research of locality nr. 59/12 in Bulovka
Štěpán Plaček Flow rate measurement and characteristic of selected watercourse
Tereza Pokorná Guide through the monuments of the Golden Triangle
Jaroslav Soukup Diagnosis of agility of students at grammar school in Frýdlant​​
Tereza Štromová  Practical guide through Frýdlant
Dorota Tomanová Daignostics of the strength of abdominal muscles of the students at grammar school Frýdlant
Trang Thuy Vuová Vietnamese culture
Chi Tran Mai Flash Mob
Vu Tran Thien Religion in Frýdlant region
Lukáš Václavíček Criminal responsibility of minors – preventional program for students of GF
Jakub Vocásek Ukrainian crisis through the eyes of selected news sites
Karolína Vrabcová German online
Michaela Žabková Monitoring Passerines in Nové Město pod Smrkem and surroundings
Diana Žďárová Endangered plant spieces in the territory Frýdlantsko